Vocal Connections Grids - 5 pack

Ruth Whitlock
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SMC C101/ HL 3770929

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Based in part on the “inner hearing,” concepts in Kodaly teaching methods, Vocal Connections is a classroom method designed to teach audiation and music reading in a carefully sequenced approach, and consists of the following components:
AUDIO LESSONS-there are 30 brief (35- 75 second) audio lessons which provide AURAL "immersion" in Major and minor tonalities and movable "do" solfege. Available treble voice CD (3770954), and bass voice CD (3770955).
TONAL GRIDS (3770929 5 pack) - audio lessons 5 - 30 are represented graphically on GRIDS. These grids represent a simple and useful transitional stage from the audio lessons to traditional notation.
MUSIC READING EXERCISES (3770930 - 5 pack) - the final step in VOCAL CONNECTIONS is the reading of TRADITIONAL NOTATION.
TEACHER’S KIT (3770928) Contains all the above material, with additional instruction regarding methods and lesson planning.