Two-Part American Songs, Bk. 2

Mark Williams
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SMC B391/ HL 3770591

Detailed Instrumentation: 
The bicinia in this collection were inspired by the work of Zoltan Kodaly, Hungarian composer and educator.  Using Kodaly educational ideas, this second book in the collection uses American folk songs written in two parts to teach students the musical understanding of each whole composition.  Songs included in Book Two: 1. Quaker, Quaker, 2. There Was a Crooked Man, 3. Star Light, Star Bright, 4. Burny Bee, 5. Sleep, Baby Sleep, 6. Old Mister Rabbit, 7. Lucy Locket, 8. Little Sally Rand, 9. I Climbed Up the Apple Tree, 10. Wee Willie Winkie, 11. Grandma Grunts, 12. Frog in the Mudhole, 13. Houn' Dog, 14. Bought Me a Cat, 15. Rocky Mountain, 16. Great Big House in New Orleans, 17. Blue, 18. Oh, Watch the Stars, 19. B'm Bye, 20. Shady Grove, 21. Haul on the Bowlin'