Two-Part American Songs, Bk. 1

Mark Williams
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SMC B293/ HL 3770410

Detailed Instrumentation: 
The bicinia in this collection were inspired by the work of Zoltan Kodaly, Hungarian composer and educator.  Using Kodaly educational ideas, this first book in the collection uses American folk songs written in two parts to teach students the musical understanding of each whole composition.  Songs included in Book One: Imussee, 2. Ring Around the Rosey, 3. Who's That Tapping at the Window?, 4. Bye Baby Bunting, 5. White Sails on the Sea, 6. Fuzzy Wuzzy, 7. Polly, Pretty Polly, 8. My Old Grey Mare, 9. Cajun Folk Song, 10. Fiddle Dee Dee, 11. Deedle, Deedle Dumpling, 12. Sally Go Round the Sun, 13. Madame, I Have Gold and Silver, 14. What'll We Do with the Baby, 15. Going Down to Cairo, 16. Soldier, Soldier, 17. Go Tell Aunt Rhody, 18. Putman's Hill, 19. Betty Ann, 20. Buttermilk Hill, 21. Johnny Works with One Hammer, 22. Whistle, Daughter, Whistle, 23. One Morning in May, 24. Black Sheep, 25. A La Rueda de San Miguel