Three Grand Artistic Duets

Ernesto Cavallini
Catalog numbers: 

SMC B538/ HL 3770883

Detailed Instrumentation: 
Clarinet Duet
Ernesto Cavallini was not only the preeminent clarinet virtuoso of his day, but he was also a significant composer of solo clarinet music.  In addition to his many solos, most of which are based on opera themes, Cavallini composed these "Three Artistic Duets" and another set of "Six Grand Duos" (also available from the publisher.)  These duets fall neatly under the fingers and are florid and musically substantial, with difficulty and interest divided equally between the two parts.  This edition by David Hite remedies issues in earlier versions such as errors and inconsistencies in articulation and very limited dynamic and metronomic indications.  It also alleviates crowding and difficult page turns, making the music easier to read.  You will find these duets a pleasure to play, either as a reading challenge or as music for more in depth study, and they are entertaining for both the performers and the listener.  Certainly, they would be a welcome addition to any recital program, with each duet lasting approximately 20 minutes.