Three Comments on War

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EBM MP077041/ HL 355071

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Concert Band
Three Comments on War was commissioned by and dedicated to the Southern Division of CBDNA and the Ostwald Foundation. It was premiered without one movement on December 18, 1964, at the 13th National CBDNA Conference in Tempe, Arizona, by the University of New Mexico Concert Band conducted by William Rhoads.   In 2015 Marks introduced a corrected and engraved edition in collaboration with Dr. Erik Leung (Northwestern University). The Leung Edition is now available.  Movements: I. Chorale Prelude on a Secular Melody ("Jean Renaud"), II. Battle Music, III. Epitaph.  Exact instrumentation: Pi, 2Fl, EbCl, 3 BbCl, EbAltoCl, Bb BsCl, BbCbsCl, 2 Bsn, 2 ASx, TSx, BariSx, 4Hn, 3 BbTpt, 2 BbCrnt, Bar, 3 Tbn, Tba, StrBs, Timp (3 Drms), Perc [Tam-tam, Chime (single low E), Cyms, SD, BD, Xylo (without resonator), Marimba (4 oct), Vibes, Glock, Trgl, Maracas]