A Thousand Years of Love: A Song Cycle

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LKMP X081045/ HL 41337

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Soprano, Piano
This cycle of ten songs uses poems from all of the world and time.  Song text includes: I. Tonight When There is No Moon (Ono No Komachi), II. What's Wrong with Me? (Anon. Chinese), III. O Mistress Mine (Shakespeare), IV. Luci serene e chiare (Ridolfo Arlotti), V. Lean Your Cheek (Rumi), VI. Chanson d'Amour (Armand Silvestre), VII. Were it Undo (Anon. English), VIII. In Amerika (Anon. Yiddish), IX. Valley Girl in Love (Adolphe), X. Lunar Joe (Adolphe)