Tchaikovsky Complete Works for Violin and Piano

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LKMP S511034/ HL 298304

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Violin, Piano
This Critical Performance Edition is primarily based on the first print by the Russian publisher Jurgenson. In the Andante Funebre and Humoresque, the quartet and piano versions, respectively, were used for comparison. The composer accepted corrections by Leopold Auer and Vasily Bezekirsky, which are indicated in the violin part.
The Meditation, Scherzo and Melodie (collectively named Souvenir d’un lieu cher) and Serenade Melancolique are dedicated to the famed Russian virtuoso and pedagogue Leopold Auer. The Valse Scherzo was dedicated to the budding virtuoso violinist Josif Kotek. The Andante Funebre is dedicated to the memory of Ferdinand Laub, perhaps Tchaikovsky’s favorite violinist.
The Humoresque is an irresistible piece for piano transcribed by the composer for violin and piano. No violinist, nor indeed any performer, has been capable of doing justice to the enormous stylistic and emotional range of these works more than Jascha Heifetz. Mr. Heifetz’s enormous repertory included the complete oeuvre of Tchaikovsky. Mr. Heifetz’s bowing, fingerings and performance suggestions are an integral part of this edition.
• Andante Funebre  Op. 30
• Humoresque Op. 10/2
• Meditation   Op. 42/1
• Melody  Op. 42/3
• Scherzo   Op. 42/2
• Serenade Mélancolique  Op. 26
• Valse Scherzo Op. 34