Study in Lavender, A

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SMC S105CS/ HL 3776565

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Concert Band
Eric Osterling (1926-2005), sometimes referred to as the "Schubert" of the band world due to his unusual give for melody, was a noted band composer and Director of Music for the Portland, Connecticut Public Schools.  He will be remembered by many as the composer of the very popular "Nutmeggers March," "Waltzing Winds" and many other equally delightful selections for band.  The "study" is written in modern style with lush harmonies and pleasing tonal effects.  Listening to the work, one almost has the sensation of being "bathed" in sound!  It is as the title indicates, a "study" in harmonic and bandstration color.  Containing no programmatic elements of lofty ideals, it is music written from the heart to the heart.  Versions for clarinet choir and band are available from the publisher.