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LKMP X814011/ HL 42181

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Soprano or Tenor, Piano
Struwwelpeter is a cycle of little songs and stories about naughty children and the consequences of their rambunctious behaviors. These old-fashioned poems were written in the 1850s by Heinrich Hoffmann as Christmas gifts for his children and many young nieces and nephews. Schelle dedicated the songs to his parents for their 50th Anniversary, concluding his program notes for the premiere with a wry explanation for the inspiration behind the piece: "(my parents) often read these poems to me in my childhood and, in doing so, may have helped to keep me from being one of the rapscallions included in any new, revised, updated collection...maybe."  Poem titles: I. Slovenly Peter, II. The Story of Flying Robert, III. Cry Baby, IV. Fat Augustus Who Wouldn't Eat Any Soup, V. Cruel Frederick, VI. Little Conrad Suck-a-Thumb.  Versions for voice and piano and voice and chamber ensemble are available from the publisher.