String Quartet No. 3: Cortege

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LKMP X054075/ HL 251745

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String Quartet
This string quartet is a reflection on emperors and kings, their works, their passions, and the inevitable passge of time.  Specifically, it follows the career of Artashes who ruled Armenia about twenty-two hundred years ago (190-160 BC), founded the Armenian capital, Artashat, and abducted his beautiful bride Satenik.  The composer was struck by a 19th century painting of Artashes' funeral with its grand and seemingly endless cortege, the wailing throng lining the road, the deceased king borne in state on a royal carriage, all led by regal horsemen and a colorful phalanx of musicians.  The music is divided into five short scenes played without pause: I. Cortege, II. Theft, III. Build, IV. Cortege, V. Farewell.  Commissioned by the Dilijan Chamber Music Series for the Lark Musical Society.