Southern Special Marimba Solos

Catalog numbers: 

SMC B339/ HL 3770506

Detailed Instrumentation: 
Marimba Unaccompanied
Southern Special Marimba Solos has been written with the intention of providing a large body of original material for the instrument, from the easiest through the intermediate levels.  An honest attempt has been made to create these solos in a variety of keys, meters, and styles, utilizing gradually more difficult rhytms and all 12 major keys, plus several minor keys.  Several four-mallet and one three-mallet solos are included, as well as duets that are intended as teacher-pupil or pupil-pupil duets.  Song titles: 1. The Quarter Horse, 2. Moving Time, 3. Love Song, 4. Waltz in F, 5. Tango in G, 6. United Way March, 7. Celebration March, 8. Tres Blues, 9. Two Keys, 10. Kangaroo Jump, 11. The Paradise Hut, 12. A Chromatice Jazz Piece, 13. Winter Walk, 14. Stick With It, 15. Minor League, 16. Gypsy Dance, 17. Hey Johnny Polka, 18. Twist-A-Wrist, 19. Clef Jump, 20. Fiesta Por Dos, 21. Five By Five, 22. Sharpie, 23. Perpetual Motion, 24. Crazy Maze, 25. Masquerade for Marimba, 26. Monring Mist