Sorna: Folk Songs Set No 17 for Solo Persian Winds and 7 Players

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LKMP X682802/ HL 365439

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Solo Persian Winds (sorna, schalmei or shawm, Ney, and optional Ney labak), Flute(dPicc, Afl), Clarinet(dEb Clar, Bcl), 2 Percussion, Piano(dChimes), Violin(dChimes), Cello(dChimes)
This four movement work features Persian wind instruments (sorna, schalmei or shawm, Ney, and optional Ney labak), weaving melodies constructed in both Western equal temperenment and Persian modal systems. Most of the ensemble doubles on one or more instruments, including the pianist and strings playing the chimes in various passages. Premiered (clarinet version) on January 16, 2016 at the Segah Festival of Persian and Turkish Music.  Versions for solo clarinet, solo saxophones, and solo Persian Wind instruments are available from the publisher.