Songs By John Duke, Vol. 4

John Duke
Catalog numbers: 

SMC B545/ HL 3770892

Detailed Instrumentation: 
Voice, Piano
This four volume collection of songs was created with the avowed purpose of offering a substantial group of John Duke's previously unpublished songs.  It is published in collaboration with The Society of the Friends of John Duke.  Volume 4 Contents: 1. My Soul is an Enchanted Boat (Percy В. Shelley), 2. White in the Moon (A.E. Housman), 3. XXth Century (Robert Hillyer), 4. The End of the World (Archibald MacLeish), 5. Rapunzel (Adelaide Crapsey), 6. Wild Swans (Edna St. Vincent Millay), 7. To Karen, Singing (John Duke),
8. So Simple (Mark Van Doren), 9. Dunce's Song (Mark Van Doren), 10. Slowly, Slowly Wisdom Gathers (Mark Van Doren), 11. Kennst du das Land? (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe), 12. Heiss mich nicht reden (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe),  13. So lasst mich scheinen (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)