Sonata No. 1

Samuel Frederic Heine
Catalog numbers: 

SMC SS838/ HL 3774504

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Clarinet and Piano
Samuel Friedrich Heine (1764-1821) was flutist and composer whose works frequently received commendatory reviews for his works, including symphonies, and overture, choral works, flute duets, two flute concertos, two oboe concertos, this sonata for clarinet and piano, and many songs.  This "Sonate pour le Piano-forte et Clarinette", Op. 13, should be of especial historical interest to clarinetists for it is one of the earlies known clarinet sonatas.  As in most contemporaneous editions, the haphazard editing of the original copy necessitated the frequent addition of interpretative markings and corrections of obvious erros or omissions, though all editoral changes and additions in the piano part are enclosed in parentheses.