Serenade for Clarinet (reduction)

Catalog numbers: 

SMC SS755/ HL 3774417

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Clarinet, Piano
This work is one of a group of three pieces for solo wind instruments and band commissioned by the G. LeBlanc Corporation as performance vehicles for their artist/clinicians, the other two being "Ode for Trumpet" and Ballade for Alto Saxophone".  This serenade was written for clarinetist Robert E. Lowry.  Set in the form of a freely developing lyrical idyl in variation form involving an almost continous musical development, the solo clarinet line together with a constantly shifting harmonic background paint a pastoral scene of Sioux life that suggests an overall three-part song form.  Versions for orchestra, band, and piano accompaniment are available from the publisher.