Romance No. 2: Tone and Performance Studies No. 18

Julius Weissenborn
Catalog numbers: 

SMC SU530/ HL 288770

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Bassoon, Piano
ROMANCE (2), NO. 18 (OP. 3): This is a beautiful, romantic work that should be played with careful attention to all of Weissenborn’s instructions. From the first dolce at the pickup to m. 13 to the final high Eb, the performer should try to play with as much feeling as possible. Weissenborn’s mention of espressivo, mit Wärme, con molto espressivo makes his intentions clear. I use a very good high Eb fingering for the last note using left hand second and third fingers, thumb C# and low D key and little finger Eb key, right hand second finger and thumb F# key. In measures 62 through 69, a few notes have been transposed enharmonically to eliminate double flats.