Piano Concerto: Spiritualist, After Paintings by Helen Frankenthaler

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EBM MP074001/ HL 359082

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Piano Solo: 2(2dblPicc).2.2(2dblACl).2: 2.2.1(BTbn).0: Timp.Perc(3): Hp: Str
World Premiere March 12, 2016, Springfield (MA) Symphony Orchestra, Jeffrey Biegel, piano, Kevin Rhodes, conductor The titles of each movement are drawn from the titles of Frankenthaler paintings. The first movement, Spiritualist, is optimistic and playful in spirit and is cast in sonata-allegro form. The second movement, Silent Wish, is introspective and reflective in spirit, cast in a modified rondo form. In a similar form, the third movement, Natural Answer, is a buoyant affirmation of the spiritual journey of the first two movements, bringing mottoes and themes heard throughout the concerto together in a jazzy climax.