Paris Conservatory Album: 16 Short Lyric Pieces for Flute and Piano

Nancy Andrew
Catalog numbers: 

SMC B579/ HL 240976

Detailed Instrumentation: 
Flute and Piano (sub violoncello)
This collection is the first-ever publication of selected 19th-20th Century exam pieces composed for the Paris Conservatory, meticulously compiled, arranged and edited over the course of many years by accomplished flutist Nancy Andrew. All 16 pieces include solo flute part with piano accompaniments. Optional digital downloads are available as well of the original cello/ string ensemble accompaniments where avaialble.
Sir James Galway's introduction to the album states: "It is my great pleasure to present this collection of pieces originally intended as the sight reading exam for the flute class of the Paris conservatoire. Each piece is a little jewel and could be used as an encore to a recital or even in the main part of a recital. Nancy Andrew has done a magnificent job of preparing them for publication. I look forward with great joy to include them in my future recitals."
Works included:
Charles Colin 1873 Allegretto
Ernest Guiraud 1874 Allegretto Scherzando
Emile Paladilhe 1875 Allegretto moderato
Jules Cohen 1878 Andantino
Theodore Dubois 1880 Allegretto
Jules Duprato 1882 Allegro Moderato
Adrien Barthe 1886 Andante
 1891 Moderato
 1895 Allegretto
Georges Marty 1893 Allegretto
Paul Vidal 1894 Allegro Moderato
Raoul Pugno 1896 Tres doux et tres tranquille
Alphonse Duvernoy 1897 Allegretto
Alphonse Duvernoy 1899 Allegro Moderato
Gabriel Pierne 1918 Modere
Jules Mouquet 1924 Andantino