Overture for Wind Band, Op. 24

Felix Mendelssohn
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SMC RMR4CB/ HL 3772175

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Concert Band
Felix Mendelssohn composed the first of his two works for wind band in 1824 at the age of 15.  This work, originally entitled "Notturno", was scored for eleven winds.  It was later rescored for a much larger contingent and published as "Overture for Wind Band."  The work is in two main sections, an extended andante introduction and the main body of the overture marked allegro vivace.  While not generally considered one of Mendelssohn's masterworks, the "Overture of Band" is nonetheless a valuable part of the band's early repertoire.  This edition replaces the obsolete instruments with their modern versions and resolves many inconsistencies that plagued the original score.