Overture To Henry V for Violin and Orchestra

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EBM EBM0610650/ HL 45177

Duration (minutes): 
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Solo Violin: 3(3dPicc).3(3dEH).3(3dBCl).3(3dCBsn): Timp.Perc(3): Cel/Pno.Hp: Str
Premiere Slovak Radio Orchestra, June 30, 1992, Bratislava, Slovakia, Robert Black, conductor; Lydia Forbes, violin. Henry V is an overture, but with a violin protagonist. This is a concerto, but the density of interaction between soloist and orchestra is far more intense than in any previous work, whether classical or modern. Its form is somewhat analogous to sonata, but it middle section breaks away completely from what has come before into an exhilarating 5-8 ostinato. There is a joy in dissonance here, an embracing of pain, and all the sorrow of existence, as part a Gita-like vision of the horrible, terrifying beauty of men throwing themselves into the slaughter, straining their utmost in a joyous ‘dance’ of mud and death. As such, the energy of the piece is compact, and on first listen, potentially overwhelming. Metaphors of the individual coming out of a society, being influenced by and then interacting with that society, and then finally leading it are strongly evoked by this work in a non-specific, archetypal way. Winner of Marin Symphony (CA) Composers Symposium Competition (1993).