The Old Sore-Head (Der Alte Brummbar) for Basson and Band

Julius Fucik
Catalog numbers: 

SMC S776CB/ HL 3778436

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Bassoon Solo, Concert Band
Also titled "Der alte Brummbar" (The Old Grumbling Bear).  By Julius Fucik, justifiably called the "Czech March King", this "polka comique" came to the attention of the editor when he began searching for "concert in the park" bassoon solo pieces.  The title is thought to be a musical portrait, either of Fucik himself or of some cranky older bassoonist that Fucik met in his long career.  The score and parts encourage a comic performance rather than an exercise in virtuosity.  Arrangements include: solo with piano (SU422), concert band (S776CB), and orchestra (A47C).