Music Reading Unlimited, Level 1, Student

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SMC B533ST/ HL 3770872

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This book presents a comprehensive choral method for developing advanced music reading skills.  Level I contains eleven units of carefully-graded sequential musical studies.  Each unit in the Instructor's Edition features: 1. an introduction with teaching tips, 2. a clearly stated purpose for each exercise in the unit, 3. a brief description of the content of each exercise.  Most units contain a combination of unison, two-part, and four-part exercises.  The unison drills introduce concepts which are then practiced in two-part studies.  Concepts covered: Rhythmic: dotted quarter notes, eighth notes and rests, triplets, the half note as the beat unit, compound time, and the eighth note as the beat unit.  Tonal: all major keys, diatonic interval studies, supertonic, mediant, and submediant triads, natural and harmonic minor keys, modulation to and from major and minor tonality, the altered tone.