At the Movies

John Philip Sousa
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SMC S853FS/ HL 3778748

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Concert Band
From the 1915 program note that appeared with the first published edition: "The 'Scenarios for Cinematographers' constitute an effort on [Sousa's] part through music, to elucidate the cinematographer what is usually done by the written word.  The opening number, 'The Serenaders' depicts that happy period in the college student's life when he delights in serenading the girl students in a neighborhood university.  The happiness and care-free existence of 'The Serenaders' is duly reflected in the music of this number, farily bubbling over with gaiety and joyous spirit. […]  The second number essays the harrowing story of 'The Crafty Villian and the Timid Maid.'  The timid maid's pleading and the crafty villains's bombast being in evidence throughout the number.  The third is a dance on the Village Green - the very name 'Balance All and Swing Partners' telling its own story."  This edition by Mark Rogers has been revised to better suit the instrumentation of contemporary bands and also to make the 1st movement more accessible to a wider range of players with a move to a key that allows the soloists a greater chance at success.