Modern Stage (Jazz-Rock) Band Techniques

M.E. Hall
Catalog numbers: 

SMC B225STBS/ HL 3770316

Detailed Instrumentation: 
Jazz Band
This jazz band method is designed as training material for any number of heterogenous instruments and is written in unison for C, B-flat, E-flat, and Bass Clef instruments.  Rhythm parts are provided for Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano.  Any one or all of the rhythm instruments can be included in rehearsal, or the horn parts can be used alone.  The conductor's part is a complete score with an analysis and interpretation for each exercise, and in the case of the conductor that has limited stage band experience, the analyses will provide guidance and direction in rehearsals.  The exercises and songs included specifically deal with matters of: Tone, Intonation, 2-Beat Syncopation, Swing Phrasing, and Rock.