La Sorella

Charles Borel-Clerc
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SMC S687CB/ HL 3778067

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Concert Band
"La Sorella" is truly an international march: the title means "The Sister" in Italian; it is described as a march on Spanish themes; the composer was French; and a 1906 American publication of the march (preserved in the Library of Congress) states that "the latest Parisian march craze" is a true Brazilian (!) dance, 'La Tortille', based on motives of the celebrated song 'Ma Peau d'Espagne' ('My Skin of Spain')." The march has appeared under a number of different titles, including "La Mattchiche" (or "Matchiche"), "La Mixixe" or "Polo". The march became popular rather quickly in the United States. The Sousa Band recorded "La Sorella" in 1906, possibly as a result of hearing the march during the band's tour of Europe in 1905. The march was again brought to the attention of the American public through its use in the soundtrack of the epic film "Around the World in Eighty Days".