J.f.k. Commemorative Fanfare

Catalog numbers: 

SMC SO86FS/ HL 3773657

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
String Orchestra and Snare Drum
The composer writes about his fanfare for string orchestra and snare drum: "When Maestro Leonard Slatkin (in collaboration with the John and June Hechinger Foundation) commissioned me to compose a fanfare to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Kennedy Center, I was not only honored, but I also felt very sentimental. ... (I)t was not written to exhibit every innovative device available to the composer, nor to solve musical explorations of global dimensions, but to be a brief, festive, robust, exciting, and joyful celebrations for the audience.  Many of my colleagues who know my fondness for intricate musical patterns asked how I could compose a fanfare using irregular rhythms typical to me.  I must admit that I restrained myself and remained faithful to the basic idea of the fanfare.  If the audience finds itself to be in a joyful and celebratory mood, then I feel that I shall have been successful."