Instrumental Music of Faith, Vol. 2 Bk. 8

Floyd McCoy
Catalog numbers: 

SMC B324SC/PA-BK/ HL 3770475

Detailed Instrumentation: 
Mixed/Flex Ensemble
This collection of 31 sacred pieces are arranged to be playable by varying mixed groups of instruments, with eight books available: Bb (parts 1 and 2), Bass Clef, F, Eb, C, Bb (part 3 and 4), Bass/Tuba, and Piano/Director.  Each book (except the Piano/Director) contains two parts, written one part to a staff for ease in reading, with every piece written in a four-part chorale style.  Includes songs by/from Floyd McCoy, J.S. Bach, Wagner, R. Schumann, Brahms, Chopin, Saint-Saens, Berlioz, Darnton, Bortniansky, Percippe, Barnby, Maunder, Ravenscroft, J.T. Field, Byrd, Gounod, Pratorius, Louis XIII, Mason's Sacred Harp, Plymouth Collection, and Genevan Psalter.