The Gum Suckers March

Percy Aldridge Grainger
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SMC S684FS/ HL 3778059

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Concert Band
From Grainger: "Gum-suckers" is a nick-name for Australians hailing from the state of Victoria, the home state of the composer.  The leaves of the 'gum' (Eucalyptus) trees are very refreshing to suck in the parching summer weather."  The 4th movement of his "In a Nutshell" suite for orchestra, the composer himself arranged this piece for band, as he did for much of his orchestral music.  However, due to some contemporary methods of transposing and the lack of a full score, that original version contains numerous errors.  This edition was carefully crafted, pulling from all available resources and archives to determine the composer's original intent.  In addition to corrections, this edition updates the instrumentation to reflect current bands and offers generous cross-cueing for those bands without the full instrumentation for which Grainger customarily wrote.