Five Songs on French and German Texts: Art Songs by American Women Composers v. 1

Amy Beach
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SMC V95/ HL 3779159

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This series is the first published collection of art songs set to music exclusively by American women of the 20th century.  All of the songs have been selected on the basis of poetic choice, strength in text-setting, and accessibility in performance.  Amy Beach (1867 - 1944) was a mostly self-taught as a composer and was influenced largerly by late 19th century European models.  She composed over 150 very appealing neo-romantic songs in her lifetime, all of which were published under her husbands name, Mrs. H.H.A. Beach.  Movements: 1. Canzonetta, 2. Je Denande A L' Oiseau (For my Love), 3. Ich Sagte Nicht (Silent Love) 4. Ein Altes Gebet (An Old Prayer), 5. Deine Blumen (Flowers and Fate)