Famous Solos and Encores for Violin and Piano

Peter Tchaikovsky
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LKMP S511037/ HL 358942

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Violin, Piano
Though Tchaikovsky’s major works for violin and orchestra remain well-established in the repertory, some of the most stunning displays of the composer’s gift for brilliant violin writing can be found in solo passages contained in larger works. This publication contains six of the finest transcriptions ever made for violin and piano, with works by Leopold Auer, Ferdinand Laub and Tivadar Nachèz. Meticulous  care and attention to every detail has been taken in the notation, bowing and fingering of these works by editor and Jascha Heifetz protégé, Endre Granat.
Contents: Andante Cantabile, Aurora Variations and Entr'acte from Sleeping Beauty, Chant Sans Paroles, Mozartiana, Sentimental Waltz, and Valse from Serenade for Strings.