English Waltz: Youthful Suite Mvt. 5

Percy Aldridge Grainger
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SMC S737EP/ HL 3778278

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Concert Band
Grainger's "Youthful Suite" for orchestra was compiled in the 1940's.  "English Waltz", the 5th movement and finale of the larger work, reflects popular English waltz-types of the 1890's.  Some of its phrases are cast in 5-tone (pentatonic) scale so characteristic of English-speaking melody, instead of the 7-tone (diatonic) scale more usual in other European waltzes.  No folktunes or pupular tune-stuffs are used in any part of English Waltz.  While Grainger adapted many of his orchestra works for band himself, "English Waltz" is not one of those.  In this edition for band, the score was arranged with a deep understanding of Grainger's own style to attain the sense that the composer adapted it himself.  Movements 1, 2, 4, and 5 are available from the publisher.