Dance Concerto

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LKMP X711004/ HL 141967

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Solo Cl in A(dBcl): 3(2dAfl, 3dPicc).2+EH.3(3dBcl).2+Cbsn: AATB Saxes: Pno.Perc(4)
Crockett’s dance concerto for clarinet in A, doubling on bass clarinet, and wind ensemble riffs on the theme of its premiere event at the Smithsonian, 'dancing the night away until dawn.’ This expanded version for thirty-three musicians was actually part of the composer’s original conception of the work, originally scored for nine total players. The work’s form plays out as if the soloist were performing a set as the leader of some sort of dance band on this--or another planet.  The chamber nonet version and a piano reduction (titled "Dance Sonata") are also available form the publisher.