Concerto No. 1 in F Major

Etienne Ozi
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SMC SU208/ HL 3776058

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Bassoon and Piano
According to his contemporaries, Etienne Ozi (1754-1813) was the finest bassoonist of his day.  One of eight bassoon concertos, his first, Concerto in F Major, was published by Boyer in Paris in 1785, during the time he was in the service of the duc d'Orleans.  In adapting this concerto for bassoon and piano, it was the goal of the editor to create a performing edition that remained as close to the original publication as possible with minimal changes: orchestral parts were modified to make them more pianistic and additional dynamics and articulation markings [all clearly indicated in brackets] were added to the solo bassoon part.  This edition contains a table of ornaments and trills for the solo bassoonist to study.