Colonial Song

Percy Aldridge Grainger
Catalog numbers: 

SMC S702/ HL 3778130

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Concert Band
Grainger's art inextricably linkded to folk music, this composition, which uses no traditional tunes but is meant to express feelings aroused by thoughts of the scenery and people of his native Australia, is perhaps the finest, and may well be the most well-crafted, of any of his original works.  Intended to be the first of a set of pieces written in a sweetly romantic vein called "Sentimentals", the composer dedicated this composition to his mother, though it remains the only piece in the set following her death.  This edition returned to the original arrangement for band produced by Grainger to create the most authentic version, true to the composer's intentions, with small adjustments in instrumentation made to accommodate the contemporary band.