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SMC S562CB/ HL 3777592

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Concert Band
This is a descriptive work based on three statements from the epic poem, BEOWULF, and written in the style of twentieth-century romanticism.  Movements: I. Heorat- The Great Hall- "It came into the mind of Hrothgar the Dane to command the construction of a building that would be thre greatest banqueting hall ever known."  II. Grendel- The Scion of Cain- "From Cain were hatched all evil progenies: ogres, monsters and giants who fought so long against God."  III. Beowulf- A Feast of Life- "For each living soul on earth must seek the appointed place, where after the feast of life his bod shall sleep fast in a narrow bed."  Commissioned by and dedicated to Harry Pfingsten and the Avon Lake High School Shoreman Band, Avon Lake, Ohio.