Aria and Finale

John Carmichael
Catalog numbers: 

SMC SU430/ HL 3776347

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
Bb Soprano Saxophone and Piano
Aria and Finale for Soprano Saxophone and Piano was written at the suggestion of Dr. Peter Clinch (1930-1995), a leading player of both saxophone and clarinet, who taught at the Melbourne College and toured extensively outside his native Australia. The saxophone is used as a lyrical instrument, and sustains long melodic lines, particularly in the opening Aria. Throughout the work, saxophone and piano engage in expressive duets, counterpointing or answering each other. There are also passages designed to show off the agility of the instrument, notably in the accompanied cadenza in the Finale and the fast-moving coda. The composer's stated aim in composing the piece was to produce a piece for saxophone which highlights the lyrical qualities of the instrument as they would perhaps have been envisaged by Adolphe Sax himself at the time the instrument was invented.  Edited by Kyle Horch.