Apocalyptic Dreams

David Gillingham
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SMC S717/ HL 3778194

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Concert Band
In 1984. the composer wrote a tone poem for symphonic band centered around the book of Revelation, the concluding book of the bible.  After that time, he continued to be interested in describing the events of the Apocalypse through music, but on a much grander scale.  This resulting work is structured in the form of a three movement symphony with each movement bearing reference to a portion of the end of time narrative.  I.  "The Vision"- This first movement sets the general mood for the entire symphony and depicts, through music, the Apostle John's nearly unimaginable propetic vision of the end of the world.  II. "Cataclysmic Events"- Marked ferocious, the second movement alludes to the chain of cosmic disasters accompanying the Apocalypse.  III.  "Messianic Kingdom"-  The thried movement begins with the pealing of chimes, annoucing the arrival of the Messianic Kingdom, followed by a chorale and interlude that depicts the second coming of Christ and proclaims the pureness of the new kingdom.  A fanfare in faster tempo announces the conclusion of the movement, quoting "Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light, the celebrated hymn tune be Johann Schop.  The symphony ends in grandeur, evoking hope for all humanity.  Commissioned by the University of Georgia Bands, H. Dwight Satterwhite, Director of Bands.