American Place, An

Catalog numbers: 

EBM EBM0610219/ HL 45125

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
2Pi2EH4(Eb, BsCl)2Cbn 4331 Timp 3Pc Hp Cel Str
Naxos American Classics series issued the first all-Fuchs orchestral album in 2005, which featured "An American Place," which the composer describes as "reflect(ing) the palette of musical sounds that developed in the United States in the last hundred years." The obvious reference point here is Copland with a dash of Hollywood scoring here, a pinch of Stravinsky and the employment of some minimalistic ostinati without going into full-bore minimalism itself." "Apart from itemizing the influences that go into this work, An American Place is a very listener-friendly piece that would keep an average symphony audience quiet and attentive, rather than restless and bored, which is what symphony patrons dread the most about contemporary compositions. It is a fine piece of music" -Uncle Dave Lewis,