Adventures in Solo Drumming

Catalog numbers: 

SMC B162/ HL 3770243

Detailed Instrumentation: 
Snare Drum Unaccompanied
Consisting of twenty snare drum solos, each number has been dedicated to an outstanding percussionist, all of them well known in the drumming profession, who influenced William Schinstine's percussion development.  Additionally, these percussionists provided the complete sticking to the piece dedicated to them.  Titles: 1. Father and Son, 2. The New York Texan, 3. The Montrose Miracle, 4. Pratt's Taps, 5. "Dapper Dan", 6. Charlie's Horse, 7. Ship-A-Hoey, 8. Control Contortions, 9. Fennell's Flourishes, 10. Phil's Fill, 11. Swan's Song, 12. Slammin' Sam, 13. One Way Street, 14. The Other Street, 15. Owens Own, 16. Lloyd's Little Diddler, 17. Pascucci Punch, 18. Robertson's Radamacue, 19. Mutation, and 20. Hectic Hickorys.