About Trains

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LKMP X056003/ HL 259860

Duration (minutes): 
Detailed Instrumentation: 
6 Cello
These are three musical portraits of the sounds and images associated with trains.  I.  "On Track" is energetic, focusing on the forceful rhythms of a train speeding down the tracks with the reiterated rhythmic patterns (wheels-on-tracks) passed from one cello to another and the more sustained whistle sounds floating above.  II. "Lonesome Whistle" is a blues-oriented movement in a ballad idiom, with a texture that is often solo versus accompaniment during the verse sections, punctuated by refrains in a homophonic, 'barbershop' style.  The listener might hear reference to Harold Arlen's "Blues in the Night".  III. "Coming 'Round" is a set of theme and variations on a well-known American train song.  The six variations are entitled: "Ornamentation", "Tango", "Lament", "Cowboy", "Sounds", and "Final Reprise"