24 Caprices Etudes for Flute

Theobald Boehm
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SMC B576/ HL 298117

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This publication of Boehm’s 24 Caprices Études, edited by flute legend Sir James Galway, includes all of the original expression markings, augmented by Galway’s own indications for breathing, dynamics and articulation as he performs them.  At the heart of the edition is Sir James’ detailed notes for each étude, including practice techniques, playing tips, interpretive advice and more, enabling a depth of mastery on the flute to be found in no other place.
"In writing these short pieces, (Boehm) gave us 24 miniature gems incorporating the difficulties we face daily while playing the flute. These études require a great deal of work, but using the method of practice I have outlined, you will learn to play in all the major and minor keys with an unimaginable fluency.”
Sir James Galway