Ricardo Lorenz

Ricardo Lorenz is associate professor of composition at the Michigan State University College of Music. His compositions have received praise for their fiery orchestrations, harmonic sophistication, and rhythmic vitality. Lorenz holds a Ph.D. degree in composition from The University of Chicago and a master of music degree from Indiana University. He studied composition with Juan Orrego Salas, Shulamit Ran, Hector Tosar, and Donald Erb. Between 1998 and 2003, Venezuelan-born Ricardo Lorenz served as composer-in-residence of the Armonía Musicians Residency Program of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, a program designed to building bridges through music between the orchestra, Chicago neighborhoods, and community groups. During his time as interim director of the Latin American Music Center at Indiana University, he established a network of composers from the continent and compiled the sourcebook, “Scores and Recordings at Indiana University's Latin American Music Center,” (Indiana University Press, 1995). His compositions are published by Lauren Keiser Music and can be heard on the following record labels: Arabesque Recordings, Albany Records, Indiana University LAMC Series, Doublemoon Records (Turkey), Urtex Digital Classics (Mexico), and SOMM Recordings (UK).

List of Works